Thursday, November 06, 2014

If by worst they mean ridiculously liberal.

Marin Ranked As One Of The Worst Counties In America To Own A Home.

When I read this article I laughed and laughed and laughed. I'd love to have those problems. Marin county has to be some of the wealthiest communities in the Bay Area. During some of the worst of the recession it was the only place on earth that made me feel better because the world there seemed unaffected by what the rest of us were going through. It was like going on vacation every time I went up there. I mean seriously - they have happy cows. A permanent rainbow over the county (no-they do), and the air smells like perfume. Well, maybe that is pretty dramatic. But that is really what the cities in Marin feel like. I blogged about it here. And here.

I was trying to find articles to describe Marin when I ran across this article. It describes the place really well. It's the kind of place that says fuck you to George Lucas. Seriously.

I'd forgotten about this until I read the article. This is the best quote from his post because that is exactly how the cities in Marin county feel like.

"Charles Murray, in his new book Coming Apart, points out that a new social class has been created due to the greater economic value of brains, a consequence of the impact of new technology. These workers tend to be in the high-tech industry or the financial industry. They have a privileged position and are isolated from the rest of America. They tend to marry each other, and they cluster in certain places like Marin County. Because their skills are in great demand, they are unacquainted with economic hardship. "

Back to the George Lucas thing - as I remember it, he wanted to build a LucasFilm movie production studio in Lucas Valley but the neighbors were super bitchy about it. They thought the place was too big. I thought - you people are effing crazy. This is going to do great things to your property values. They hassled him for so long (at least a decade) he eventually scrapped the movie studio and said look - I'm going to put affordable housing on this plot. Which I thought was funny. I mean, this is super liberal George Lucas. They didn't care, and that is why George Lucas took his shit and went to Chicago.

Well, that is how I remember it up until the Chicago part. I think SF also hassled him so much even he eventually gave up there too. I don't want to look through all of the old articles now.

They eat their own there. But it is a really amazing and beautiful place to live. If it's the 17th worst place to buy a house, maybe I should start looking at 1-17. Maybe those places are much more fabulous than I thought.

Additionally - how bad do things have to be at the weather channel that the only way you can get press is through making silly articles like that?

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