Tuesday, November 04, 2014

What does it even matter anyway?

Even as I go out to vote later this evening - I will have never cared less than I do right now. I have embraced the suck. I wrap myself in it like a warm blanket because, while it does suck, - it makes me feel like the world still works the way I think it does. Unlike the first four years of this administration.

You never learn anything from the good times.

Sadly, I have voted in every single election since the age of 18. Not because I'm patriotic - because I came from a very poor family, and I just didn't think you shouldn't get to bitch unless you have skin in the game.  This time I wish I could just break my perfect voting streak because I just don't care. But I still want to bitch. So I vote. The bitter part of me wants to vote democrat across the line - just so they can get the full experience they wanted.

I don't really think it really matters what happens this election anyway. This is where the pain gets good. All that yummy stuff from Obamacare they back loaded so it wouldn't affect the election. And after all -  we might get to actually see a real peek at the economy when an election isn't manipulating the data. It's perplexing how people thought you could add a level of bureaucracy to healthcare and it wouldn't cost you anything more.

In the end I think the invisible hand wins. Eventually.  Because deep down - people all want the same things. To live free and be left alone with their version of pursuit of  happiness. They way we get there is all different, but the result is the same.

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