Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Conversations with Mr S.

Last night I was generally bitching about how much I hate Vine and how I want them to starve to death along with anyone who uses Adsense on their site. Do these assholes even visit their own sites to figure out that most people can't even load the pages to read what they say because they are so loaded up with shit? I have to abort about half the sites I visit now. I know it's not only me - I see a lot of people bitching about it too.

At the end of my long rant I said - it occurs to me that Vine could kill youtube. Every site I visit now has three auto play Vine videos and then a youtube video at the end. But they have already stripped all the parts you might want to see into those three Vine video's. And you have to watch them if you want to or not. So... why would you ever click on the youtube link?

Mr S. replies - why.... it's so you can sit through the embedded ads of course.

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