Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Thank gawd for Obamacare. Yes I said it.

It's the only thing which causes enough pain for people to understand the insipidness of socialism. Unless people feel the pain of it themselves, they will never stop voting for it.

Normally the soci's try to mask the pain so it can become more deeply entrenched until it's too late. Obamacare causes wide spread pain that hits everyone equally. This will speed up the rejection of this system. I believe it with all my heart.

There was a reason we were the last democracy on Earth to have nationalised health care. It's because those systems suck. But Americans are too stupid to know because the only thing they know about Europe is from food menus when they go on vacation.


  1. Resistance is futile, they have already won. The way they've chipped away at our freedoms make it impossible to change the direction that the country has headed in. The wealthy and established don't fear socialism because it placates the poor. It's the middle class that they fear because theyhave the means and innovation to unseat their barriers to entry. PMBcare is meant to send a torpedo straight into the middle class and many small businesses will fail because of it. The masses won't reject it, the wealthy will support it and the middle class pays for it. DF

  2. Oh. Many big businesses will fail because of it too.

    The rich don't fear socialism because once you become wealthy enough you start to become a socialist too. You start seeing things from a very top down level and want to start micro manging peoples lives to shape them in a way that makes you think will be better for them. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. This is a net no change. It has happened since the beginning of time. Bill gates, Steve Jobs, the banking sector and the insurance sector all socialists.

    I can assure you that socialism DOES NOT placate the poor. It just seems that way because they have no other choice and they are relatively uneducated and unable to run.

    While it's extremely hard to refute what you say because I feel the same way you do. But in the end I believe money talks and bullshit walks. People say a lot of things - until they have to pay. And that dynamic changes everything. It may take time...

    You can push a lot of socialism on people when they don't understand what it is. And they think someone else will have to pay.