Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Dear Atheists - shut up already.

Atheist Billboards To Flood California City As Non-Believers Make Holiday Push.

Hands down - there is no one on earth that believes in religion less than I do. Since I was a child. Having said that - I do like food and presents.

Are there any atheist food holidays? No? Then shut up you idiots. And quit fucking with this Pope. I'm not even an atheist convert, but when the Pope said "look, we will let you into heaven - just don't be a dick" I was pretty cool with the guy. So don't be a dick! Not that I need it. Hell is going to be a pretty fun time.

If anyone should be mad - it's the Catholics. He is just letting me in without all the guilt and work of religion?! I thought that was more than pretty decent.

If you atheists can't get through the holidays, maybe you aren't strong enough to be real atheists. We don't need to convert people with billboards. We get there in our own way. You made a choice - quit whining about how people don't understand you.

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