Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I've had it with people who think robots are going to take their jobs.

This started after a well read economist I follow started posting articles about how robots are going to take all of our jobs. At first I would just laugh, but the idiots who continue this meme have grown to such a feverish pitch that I read a story that irritates me just about every month now. And economists should know better! Economists know about the economy (allegedly). Not about robotics. Did the advent of computers take all of our jobs. NO.

It bothers me so much because it takes an overly simplistic view how how complicated robotics are. What kind of education it takes to make these magical things take your jobs. Not to mention specialized labor. And the people needed to build these robots who will eventually take your jobs!

I was just at a conference where a couple of these types of machines were being pitched. Their sales hype is convincing especially with some of the drink bots. (Which in the past I've shit all over) But only because these types of items provide a certain level of consistency that make it really attractive to retailers. Meaning that every drink is the same. This makes inventory control better. Which is really what companies want. Not to fire you despite your paranoia.

There are electronic vending machines in every single airport. Did that put Best Buy out of business? NO.

I'm less convinced with the food bots like the one described in this article from Zero Hedge. Even though they are going to try them. I can't imagine what it takes to keep a machine like that clean enough for safety standards. Has the vending machine been guilty of putting tons of people out of work? Again - NO. Still the meme persists. It's irritating.

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