Saturday, November 16, 2013

Fisker in the wild.

I'm sure you know how I feel about these cars. Still - they are incredibly rare. 2500 made. I'd chase one down now if I was going in the exact same direction. I wouldn't go out of my way. I've seen them a bunch of times at the car shows before they even hit the road and I never once posted the pictures because they pissed me off with their douchery.

The interesting thing I found about this particular car was the front window had a giant crack in it. Which seemed odd considering you have to make an effing million dollars to own one. Parts must be really hard to get.


  1. The boss at my work drives one of these every day. His is silver - pretty slick looking, and lot more understated in the silver than in the darker color.

  2. Welcome Cordolf!

    It makes sense. At the snarkolepsy blog - silver is not a color. But it probably works well on that car.

    If I bought a car where only 2500 were made - I'm not sure I would drive it. I wonder if over time the batteries will corrode like they do in old toys. Try taking that out of dry storage in 20 years.