Saturday, December 05, 2009

Winter finally arrives in Cali.

Two days ago it was sunny and warm. Three days from now they claim it will be down to 26 degrees. Which is not normal. Usually we just brush into the freezing stage. I sprayed all that plant cover crap on the stuff I didn't want to get effed up this year - but, I think at 26 degrees, the plants won't be saved by that stuff. Now I need to make another plan.

Since we haven't had any rain since Oct, the leaves are somewhat still on the vineyards. I wasn't feeling well enough to really hunt down a great shot, but all this will be gone by Monday.


  1. We'll be wrapping old sheets and towels around our more vulnerable porch plants, like the lemon trees and the cape honeysuckle that almost bit the dust in last winter's cold snap. Isn't global warming fun?

  2. Hahahah. Yes.. yes it is. Surely you mean "cliiiiimate change."

    We could get snow Yo! Levels down to 500 feet.

    I thought I'd let my citrus suck it up, but you are probably wise. 26 deg will probably injure them. I have this lime-mon thing that is having a bumper crop right now. And you just can't have taco stand tacos without limes.

    So the sheets are enough huh? I've used plastic before and it wasn't that sucessful.

  3. "Climate change," my a$$! :P

    Yes, sheets have been enough, but when I was especially worried I've used old bath towels as well. That only works because our lemon tree is fairly small (it's in a container).

  4. Winter, huh? Here it's -22ºC (which is -7.6ºF) at 9 pm, with a low of -28 overnight. Also, it snowed about ten inches the past few days, and this is likely to stick around until March.

    So Keyser's sympathy is muted... :-)

  5. It may be muted. But, I can still see it. ;-) Besides - we all know there aren't any numbers below 0. Those are all just imaginary.

    In all fondness. It sucks to be u. Climate wise.