Friday, December 18, 2009

Deadbeats to the right of me. Vampires to the left.

I've been struggling to figure out what I wanted to post recently. I don't really want to be a whiney little bitch at this time of year. But really, what would this blog be if I wasn't a whiney little bitch? Hmm?

Normally this is the time of year I can think "wow, it's been a tough year, but I can wipe the slate clean and start all over". This year though, I just have no optimism. None. It's been brewing for a while. A couple of things tipped me over.

Last week I was in my front yard and my old neighbor creeped up on me. Before I even saw him coming he was parked right behind me and wanting to chat. Normally this guy is pretty fun, but honestly I wasn't in the mood to talk. I don't remember how the conversation got around to it, but we started talking about the housing market.

I think it began with him telling me one of his friends just bought a house. I inquired if he'd gotten some of that sweet, sweet, government money. That is how my neighbor bought his current house. He recounted a story about one of his other friends "who saw the housing market before the crash, and made a deal with his bank". The conversation went a little like this:

Me - I'm pretty skeptical about people saying they saw the housing market crash.

Him - Oh, my friend did and made a deal with the bank to walk away from his house.

Me - So, was it a short sale.

Him - No. The bank just let him walk away.

Me - So, he defaulted?

Him - No, the bank just let him slide.

Me - your telling me - the bank just said "oh, no problem - you don't owe us that money"?

This sent him into some backpedaling. But, what really annoyed me was the way he recounted the story. Almost with glee that his friend had screwed the bank. Now, make no mistake. There is no one I hate more on the planet right now then the banks, but that is slowly being replaced by people who think its fun to screw the banks.

I honestly don't know which one disgusts me more. Truth be told I've been holy shocked by how many people in my circle are completely disconnected between "people screwing the banks" and the state of our economy. I keep thinking eventually it will hurt them and they will "get it". But, why would they? They will just find a way to screw over whomever and wind up completely fine in the end.

Rewind to about a month ago, when I was talking to a childhood friend. For some reason I always get an update on these two girls we went to school with. One I was friends with for a few years, the other one has just been her friend for all this time. She was telling me about how her friend has been living in her foreclosed house rent free for about 9 months, and they finally got kicked out. The girl moved into a rental - on the same block.

This stuck me as fascinating. If my home had been taken away from me - you can bet I would live in another neighborhood due to embarrassment. Believe me. All of your neighbors know everything about you. Not this girl. Living right on the same block. Not a bit of shame.

The other mutual childhood friend was doing the same thing. Living in her foreclosed house. I don't know for how long. Because I was shocked, honestly. In large part because this was the girls second foreclosure. And, the very reason I had been careful in regards to housing. For all that matters.

When she and I were friends - she'd bought a new house. Immediately started remodeling it. Which, did I mention was new? Brand new. Tore out windows. Then she and her husband had difficulties and lost the house. I vowed to be super careful because of her! Now she was doing exactly the same thing. A first time mistake I can look past. Now I was made to feel that these people "just do this".

Next up?

I never used to see people using food stamps. I will admit right up front that I am highly conflicted in regards to this topic. Food stamps helped my family when I was growing up for a time. However, almost every single time I shop now - there are people in line using food stamps. WIC to be precise. You know how I know this? They hold up the fing line like you can't believe. I've vowed to completely get out of the line if someone with a WIC check is in line.

I actually know a lot of about WIC now because of how long they hold up the line. WIC has very specific rules that the checkers need to follow. If they buy something not approved they need a checker to get the right item. They also can't pay for all the items they buy with one check. So they have to ring a few things up, send the check through. Rinse lather repeat.

When I first starting seeing this months back I had a talk with myself to be tolerant about it. People are struggling I said. However, there are so many people using it - I've turned kind of bitter. And even more surprising to me - is my reaction to the fact they are minorities.

I have never ever in the past had a problem with the immigrants. The Bay Area great because of its diverse culture. Mr S. and I have actually gotten into quite a few squabbles about Mexican immigration. I would be considered quite liberal on the subject. I don't know why they won't just give them work visas like very other country gets. Yet, I'm standing in line watching these people (who weren't even Mexican actually), and feeling like they are stealing money right out of my pocket.

Call it racist if you like. I don't care. I'm being honest. Yet, I'm shocked by my reaction all at the same time.

Why does any of this matter? I just don't feel any hope for next year. And truthfully, I've even started to feel like I was disconnected with the population. I thought a productive society would never stand for what is going on.

I think I misjudged them. I actually think more than half of the population agrees with socialism and that the government should take care of them.

The other day I was reading about how Maine couldn't afford to pave the roads. So they were putting down gravel. Whatever. What really set me off was one of the commenter's. They actually said. "Why do we need road paving. Why do we have to keep getting fancier and fancier."

I honestly could not believe it. Paved roads are now "fancy".

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  1. HAAAAHAHAA!!! Maine.
    That is fancy for them. I think Sarge's family lives on a newly paved road that only this year started getting mail delivery. The fact that the mailman can leave a package if they are not at home has still not sunk in with MIL.

    And now I'm afraid to buy a house.

    Totally thought this post was going to end in a Twilight rant.