Wednesday, December 30, 2009

It's going to start that way - is it....

My plan for this week was to be super zen. I know. What kind of new age bullshit is that anyway?

Mr S. and I were in the middle of a perfectly good game of Lego Star Wars, when the power grinds to a halt. My UPS starts screaming. I figure the power for the whole house had gone down. But - it was just that unit.

Within the hour we are down at Fry's looking for a replacement. And, maybe an upgrade. When the power goes down - the ones we have give you about 5 minutes. Enough time to shut everything down in an orderly way.

We opted for a unit that gives you more than an hour of power. We normally get APC units, but we chose the competitor from Cyberpower. It had a nifty LCD display.

After getting it installed, we decided we like it more. APC needs to understand that we are happy an alarm sounds when the power goes out. But, you don't need to be able to hear it from the sidewalk in front. I swear to you - in any normal house you can hear the alert beeping. They don't need to make it sound like my house is burning down when I've simply lost power. And I swear to you - you can hear the APC alarms from the street. It's ridiculous.

This set off a cascade of sorts. We figured we'd swap the new Power Supply backup for one of the older ones running the computers. My machine had an accidental hard boot - it decided to act up. And, my warranty just ran out 2 months ago. Not wanting to give Alienware any money for tech support, because my machine has been a constant pain in the ass and I'm still super bitter about them, we finally got it fixed by replacing the CPU battery.

I don't know why is failed just them. Whatever. At least I'm back up. I'm sure this means the new year will be smooth sailing. (eye roll)


  1. Big Sigh....Lego Star Wars!!
    I suck so bad at games that the only thing I can play on my DS is Crosswords.

  2. Just takes practice. The Lego series is pretty much just rampage. Can't go wrong. Nicely mindless.