Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Public Masturbation not a good idea? Hmmmmm... ya think?

We now have gotten to a place where everyone is so accepting of an individuals personality ticks, that public masturbation is a protected freedom.

Masturbation epidemic at SJPL
Jim Faith writes "This article from the San Jose State Daily Spartan, "Some patrons use privacy screens to view pornography," and descibes the situation caused by privacy screens. As on library worker says, "we call them porno screens." Sgt. John Laws, of the San Jose State University Police Department, said people using the privacy screens 'sometimes get carried away' and are caught masturbating at the computers." ---- I think the library needs to start equiping the stations with jars of vasoline and boxes of kleenex, and issue the librarians rubber gloves and lysol spayers.--

Wow... I knew we were progressive around here, but did I miss a memo? Far be it for me to step on your freedom of "expression". And you know it is always going to be some funky penis you would never want to see in the first place. Can't we donate some IPODS or something so they can at least masturbate in the Public Library bathrooms like normal people.

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  1. My goodness! I can't imagine anyone would be so daring to flout public decency rules. Masturbating at the library just 'cos u have a privacy screen? Gross!