Monday, September 25, 2006

Do you dream in HD?

At long last....we are the proud (maybe I shouldn't say that so soon) owners of an HD Tivo Series 3 from Weeknees. Step one? Call Comcast. My husband did this to prevent further blood-letting. Mine... theirs... pick one.

So far so good actually. They understood we needed cablecards seen here(scroll to the bottom, his formatting is off), and knew what we were talking about. We got a speedy appointment. This Thursday. I so want to get excited about seeing the pocks on my favorite stars faces without having to endure commercials. But I know something will piss me off. Most likely Comcast. But I do have to give them props. So far - no annoyance. In the California inland Bay Area they don't seem to be charging for the cable-cards. They are charging a 17 buck roll the truck fee. Seems fair.


  1. When the cable guy comes on Thursday, try and get as much information on their pricing as you can. They have a local insert that breaks down the pricing region by region, they don't want you to have this. Hang onto it, I think it could end up being important.

  2. Hey... thanks a lot! That is really handy to know. I guess it hadn't really occured to me to get that information.