Wednesday, September 27, 2006

If I have to wake up to another sunny day I am going to freak out.

Living in California has its perks. Day after day of beautiful weather. Normally I love it.

This year.. I just can not take another day. I ache for rain. I want it to roll over me like a cloud of depression. So I can rest.

So maybe the neighbors dog will stop waking me up at 5:30 in the morning. So maybe my husband and I can lay around all weekend and do nothing. Blissful nothing.

When we bought this house we thought we would rest. It wasn't really the condemned house we normally like. If I'm just going to rip everything out why buy something nice?
It did have its issues... Like these rocks.

Why do old people do this? And what is up with that Christmas tree in the middle? It wasn't even a soft one. It had needles that would go through work gloves. Frankly most of the courtyard was a fire hazard. The Christmas tree, and that pine tree in the back which over-hung the roof.

This is what it took to get rid of them.

But that damn Christmas tree still existed. It had its own water source. And all those lovely looking rose-bushes. Millions and millions of rose-bushes.

It all had to go.

Now I have another load of rocks in my driveway. They have been there for almost two weeks. They came from the backyard. I haven't seen my contractors in 2 days, and I just want to rest.

There is no rain in sight.

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