Thursday, September 07, 2006

Is this really that unusual?

This morning I wanted to take advantage of the deal that On-Star has with Verizon Wireless. I bet you think I am going to bitch about the Verizon customer support. Nope... I know a lot of people have problems, but the customer support has always been really good to us. So far (crossing fingers).

The problem is as follows:
My husband is primary on the contract. Despite both of us wanting to be on the contract, and giving them both of our SSN's. So each time I have to gain access to the account, they have to track my husband down and "ask his permission". What.. am I twelve?

Now there are many things that are in my husbands name, and I have to get his permission to access, but all of these things so far have had an ability to give a blanket permission slip. And let me tell is a collosally bigger deal than cell phone information.

Before you start thinking.. "well, I dont want my spouse to know bla bla bla". I understand. I fully support you. Though according to Verizon I can put in a change of liability slip, and take over what I imagine is the responsibility for defaulting on the cell phone bill. So...the issue isn't really spousal privacy.

Oh... and correct me if I am wrong... the government already thinks I am equally responsible. If he defaults you bet your ass they are coming after me.

Then of course.. because we are both adults, that limits his ability to independantly gain access to the account.

So I make absolutely sure.. the company already took both of our SSN's, there is no way both of our names can be on the account and we don't have to do this little dance. No can do. RIDICULOUS! I'm saving you a step of having to hunt my ass down. Why does everything have to be so difficult?

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