Wednesday, May 31, 2023

The world according to me.

I don't think Trump won the 2020 election. And Republicans have done nothing to help him win the next one. Worse, they've made it harder for him to win with that Jan 6th shit.

What I think happened was.... Trump started to unwind the QE balance sheet in 2019, and the economy promptly started trying to roll over. You can see it in every single chart. Thousands of truck drivers lost their jobs. But that was all memory holed due to SARS 2.

I think Trump panicked when SARS hit, because things were already starting to go South. He made SARS out to be nothing because he didn't want the economy to stop. He didn't realize what kind of virus we were dealing with. Once he did, he just unloaded the money printing machine on full steam causing all this inflation.

Everything about the past three years has been an illusion, and everyone will find this out soon. Everything is going to revert to that 2019 recessionary level and probably worse.

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  1. I disagree about the election. It's pretty clear it was stolen in early the next morning. That is quiet a reach of stupid which I would note expect from you.

    One of Trump's weak points was supporting that phony vaccine and the lockdowns. Maybe Trump gets a benefit of the doubt since he still thinks in some places it's the 1980s where people were still competent.

    Anyway, I'm not a Trump fan boy, but he was simply way less bad than other alternatives. I see the country breaking up by 2030 is not sooner.