Wednesday, November 02, 2022

I don't think the Fed is coming to save us.

I have to admit - I never thought I'd see interest rates this high again in my lifetime. It would suuuuuck to be selling a house right now. All these houses are going to go no bid. There is nothing the Fed can do/ wants to do, about inflation. Raising rates is the only tool they have. They don't want to drill more lowering energy prices. And China is a few shades of crazy right now. I don't know if you've been keeping up with this Foxconn thing. Ya know... the people who make iPhone parts. Manufacturing companies like Foxconn, have been operating in a closed loop system. Meaning - employees live and work at the site in a closed loop "bubble". Presumably the disease can't get in that way. But there have been rumors that it got in anyway, and people started dying. It's alleged bodies were found in dumpsters. The whole thing is a mess. This is the reason for inflation. Pretending like the virus is gone will not save the economy. What is going on right now is not sustainable. The whole supply chain is going to collapse. I will link up a soon as I get a chance. Or you could go to twitter, Google, or wherever and "do your own research".

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