Thursday, November 03, 2022

Mellisa Healy should lose her job for being a bad reporter.

I do it this way because "Staff Reporters" should never be writing about issues with such huge repercussions. Especially when 95% of what they write is entirely WRONG and completely made up! So... let's go. 

"For almost two years, COVID-19 vaccine holdouts have been the objects of earnest pleading and financial inducements, of social-media shaming and truth campaigns. They’ve missed weddings, birthday celebrations and recitals, and even forfeited high-stakes athletic competitions. Until last month, they were barred from entering the United States and more than 100 other countries.

Now the unvaccinated are suddenly back in the mix. They’re dining in restaurants, rocking out at music festivals and filling the stands at sporting venues. They mingle freely in places where they used to be shunned for fear they’d seed superspreader events."

Straight out of the gate she writes a meme. Not a reality. I hear that they are going to study me one day because it's been three years and I haven't caught SARS2 yet.  And I have a phone full of photos of negative tests. It's a marvel they say. And then they make all sorts of stupid assumptions. The only thing I've done? I wear a mask and I carry around alcohol swabs. A GOOD quality mask. 

During the "lock-down period" I was out about every three days trying to save my favorite restaurants. I have receipts. I was eating inside within a month of open dining depending on the density of the crowd. I went out of State each year. My Aunt died. We went to see friends in Oregon one of whom was an ER doc. I have lived a very normal life, and people who keep repeating the lie that people who take precautions are scared freaks who never left the house is propaganda. I was out... so I know there were TONS of people out as well. I make two posts where I say "you feel like a sucker staying at the house because SO MANY PEOPLE ARE OUT". 

The worst part is, is that many people who normally wore masks got peer pressured into events with people who refused to take their health choices into account. Even though they were vaxxed, they can still spread it -  and gave no fucks about accommodating those who were trying not to get it. Everyone must get it don't ya know!? It's been pretty interesting to find out how casually people treat others health.

I will give you just one example. I have this girl still in my circle. She's a veteran and doesn't want to mask. Her choice. But I went to lunch with her on a Tuesday. By Friday she was calling me to say that she didn't feel well. In my head I'm like dammit - this is one of the few people right now I'm still hugging like family. A Crack your back deep hug.  She'd  apparently had gone for a PCR test that day.

By Saturday she was calling me to walk her through a RAT test. Which came up positive. This is where she started crying and was afraid to lose her job. I didn't want her to feel sad so I was hoping her PCR came up negative. So  I asked her if she'd gotten the results yet and she said the PCR was POSitive. Which really surprised me because - why is she calling me? PCR's are the gold standard. But I guess she was in denial. But that girl was SARS positive. 

Because I wore a mask, except in the restaurant when we were eating I didn't get it.  As soon as she told me I popped a test and was negative. I also took one two days later. Masking is about reducing your viral load. 

"State and local leaders sought not only to suppress spread of the virus, but also to prevent their healthcare systems from being overwhelmed, degrading care for all. The unvaccinated made those goals harder to achieve since they were more likely to become infected and, when they did, to require hospitalization." 

This is another complete lie. The government steadfastly refused to count reinfections. So we will never know what the true numbers for the vaccinated being hospitalized. Additionally people like this reporter got ME dragged for telling people they could get reinfected over and over.

"U.S. officials had long hoped to vaccinate the American public into a state of “herd immunity,” in which so few people would be vulnerable to the virus that the outbreak would simply sputter out. That objective assumed a uniformly high uptake of vaccine across the nation. It also assumed a vaccine that protected against reinfection, and did so durably."

Another lie. The virus mutates too quickly and the government is too incompetent and slow. There will never be herd immunity with uncontrolled spread. NEVER.

"An unknown number of Americans have “hybrid immunity” from both an infection and vaccine. Researchers believe that catching the coronavirus after vaccination (though not so much the other way around) may provide enhanced protection against severe illness and death. But whether that is the case — and how much — can vary based on how long ago an infection took place and the particular variant that caused it. In other words, Americans range in vulnerability from the unvaccinated and never infected to the vaccinated, previously infected and fully boosted, with infinite gradations of protection in between. In conditions like these, the role the unvaccinated could play in seeding outbreaks will vary."

This is the most infuriating part. It is insanely well documented that new variants were created in immunocompromised patients. AIDSs patients for instance. You literally have to be so intellectually dishonest to make the claims she has. You can go directly to Google and find out for yourself! Hybrid immunity is also a LIE.

"The steady waning of immunity raises a discouraging prospect: that over time, people who are still called “fully vaccinated” will become indistinguishable from the unvaccinated unless they’ve received a booster. Until more Americans embrace booster shots, the “undervaccinated” will steadily swell the ranks of the vulnerable."

Reports are already coming in that the 5th shot does very little. Isreal showed us this at least a year ago. With each shot you get less immunity. Some say it's because of virus imprinting and something called ADE.

And I will say again that I am NOT anti-vax. However, the medical community and the government have destroyed the trust of those of us who were just vaccine resistant. I've had Bells Palsy before. Which is why I was vaccine resistant. But, over time I became super fearful because I have heart issues in my family. I've written about both of these things many time before COVID. I literally saw my grandfather drop dead from a heart attack at the kitchen table. 

Being forced into a vaccine with that backstory was a super crazy time. EVERY company in Silicon Valley was towing the Biden line and they exerted a LOT of pressure.

Lastly, it's super crazy how people have convinced each other these test don't work. Yet to meet with Biden you need to take a PCR test THAT DAY. People at the White House test several times a week.
Yet these tests aren't good enough for average plebes apparently. Insanity.

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