Thursday, August 04, 2022

Who ever gets them clicks.

US Declares Monkeypox Public Health Emergency.

Pretty fun to see Zero Hedge sourcing Politico and WaPo on Monkeypox information. Just click the above link. With Covid they were a slave to the banks. But everyone knows that people don't open the links. They just see the sensational headline.

WaPo and Politico are taking the "Mild" narrative I see. Probably because they only see how Monkeypox has acted in the past. Not how it's acting currently. They don't tell you about the potential to make people blind. Or die from brain swelling. Or that people get so sick they can't eat or drink for days. Often finding it hard to even swallow their own saliva.

We are almost three months into this now. Monkeypox is in some 86 nations. The US has almost 7000 cases. The CDC is two months too late.

Before I took a break on the blog I wrote about Monkeypox. There were already rumors at then, that the government had let a ton of vaccine doses expire. I couldn't prove it, so I just waited. Turns out to be true. Now people that WANT to be vaccinated can't be. And frankly, I don't understand why both parties are not hauling CDC before congress to humiliate them. The abject silence from the Republicans make me think they get those sweet sweet kickbacks from pharma and whomever as well.

Two months ago I  said I think it's too late to get this under control. Now because it has been let to find new hosts to evolve in, it's probably going to mutate like SARS2 and make it very difficult to eradicate.

Not to mention, Americans only want to be told feel good lies. So it's going to be real fun (said in the most sarcastic way) to see how people choose to deal with this. 

Winter is going to be a fucking mess.


  1. Get three weeks of supplies together. This one is no joke. Not sure about rabbits but dogs can get it DF.

  2. There are actually tons of animal reservoirs. Which is why this is so dangerous. A pet rabbit has already rumored to have died. I haven't really talked about it because 1. no one believes it real. and 2. if they did so what?

    If you told them this has a chance of wiping out animal species people wouldn't believe you. You can't inform people of the truth anymore without being a "fear monger". So... what are you going to effing do? You just have to wait for people to get sick for them to care about anything about themselves.

    And PS - the prepper movement is something I don't believe in at all anymore. Example - let's stockpile on MRE's, but masks..... naaaaa.

    For decades the CDC has been saying monkeypox is airborne, until they just scrubbed it. Likely it's (at least) spread via droplets since they are doing saliva tests to diagnose monkeypox.

    I never dreamed I would live in pestilence, but our vaccination privilege is OVER.


  3. The vets told me dogs can’t get it then they told me even though they can’t they won’t treat it or euthanize the dog. This is some zombie level
    Apocalyptic shit. Not many people are going to be able to pull the trigger. Once they realize their pet is a carrier they will abandon their animals
    to the street. Just wait for the wolf pack of dogs news stories to hit the grown up newspapers . . . DF

  4. I think the more concerning thing is - the pox is very very stable. It stays on surfaces for a very long time. If someone takes a pox pet into the vet - I'm sure I don't have to complete this.

    There is someone on twitter claiming that their whole family including dog and cat are infected. I'm sure people "can do their own homework" so let me know if you need help. Apparently the CDC came to their house and tested the pets. It would be a lot more helpful if doctors just said "We don't know yet".

    People are going to pay dearly for not believing in virus control. SARS2 and Monkeypox.

    I mean, genuinely..... any bad actor could drop ANYTHING on us. With the way we've handled these crises.

  5. Honestly.... since we last talked there are starting to be a bunch of documented cases. We are a pet nation. Your vet was wrong. And wrong to tell you they knew when they didn't. Here is an article from the lancet This is not even the US cases that pop up on night twitter.

    Don't let the beags play with other dogs right now.

  6. Fwiw. None of the females in the pack showed any symptoms. There’s definitely a neurological component to the disease. Not sure if you take sacraments from Zidedoor but I used mine and I think it reduced the brain swelling a lot. There’s still a week or so left to get through but the most unpleasant parts are passed. Take care you really don’t want this one Df

  7. That made me laugh because at first I thought you were glitching. Sacraments are def my jam. Cant wait for the 5-0 to not be a problem.

    As for the other part dude...... it sounds like you are saying u popped up poss, and I'm wondering how that happened. If you don't want tp say here, hit me up in email or txt if you still have my #. Re" the pack.... the beags? or the fam? Because females are def at risk. Cases are already rising. They simply would not test a females in the beginning because this is an STD don'tcha know.

    I want to know all the deets! But I respect it's none of my business.

  8. Not sure how I got it, possibly from my dog. He got the rash first but he has sensitivity issues to fleas so we thought it was time for a bath. Turns out it wasn’t it. He could have gotten it from me. If I got it from someone else it would have been from selling video games. Lots of sweat moving the games. Lots of handshakes. It definitely wasn’t from visiting a bathhouse I love my wife and am as loyal as the beagles when it comes to love. After a week the rash went away and then last night came back with a vengeance. 🤕. I guess I’ve got at least another week in quarantine. DF

  9. One more thought regarding the female thing I have a hunch that they’re gonna find that a good percentage of the females who do come down with it are pregnant with boys. My wife and I are still living apart because who knows how this thing works but it’s just a hunch we’ll see how it plays out when the data starts coming as far as symptoms go it seems like it attacks your weaknesses the old football injury you got in high school feels like someone’s going to vice grip on it. Scar tissue fills up with pus. I’m worried about my wife because she had major surgery and if it attacks her the same way it will be a lot more serious than it is for me underneath the scar tissue you can feel some kind of lession, but it’s not on the surface of the skin. Just underneath, it causes you scars to swell almost like it’s trying to burst open. I’ve got a tow I almost cut off when I was a kid with an ex doctor stitched it back on again it’s pretty big little worried I’m gonna lose it. They say that 8% of the infected Americans are hospitalized right now. In the Congo the fatality rate is 11% if you leave CNN. DF

  10. I'm ~so~ sorry this happened to you. It shouldn't be happening to anyone. I just can't understand why Americans think this is okay. I have read other stories like yours where it looked like it cleared up, and then came back harder. I don't even want to tell you all the things I know because what you are going through is isolating and I hope your case does not progress. I want to be hopeful for you, but I have yet to read about a case that didn't eventually turn. You need to mentally prepare that you could be isolating for a month or more.

    The dogs need to be away from non exposed people for 21 days. Don't let them play with ANY animals in the woods.

    So.... you got an actual CDC poss test?

    My email and txt are always open to you.