Tuesday, August 16, 2022

I'm swimming in a vast sea of low IQ people.

Some days I just really become hopeless. Really fucking hopeless.

Over at Zero Hedge who is completely making shit up.... insinuates that a dog got sick with monkeypox because the owners had sex with it. There is legitimately no effort to provide truthful information at all. Gets him a lot of clicks$ I bet. Man, what garbage that site has become.

Not that ALL warm blooded animals that come into contact with this disease can get anal lesions.

There are two things that strike me about the monkeypox pandemic. One - how prudish dudes have gotten all of a sudden about butt sex. It's hilarious. Come on men.

And two, I was sort of unaware (in 2022) how much of a problem people still had with gays.

All I know is that we are fucked because of these lowIQ muthfuckers. Likely children and the elderly will get it. Some already have. Which also gets childish pedo porn comments. School starts real soon. Oh never mind. Nevada has already gotten it in a high school. And instead of getting this tamped down, people can't handle this shit because someone put their wee wee in someones butt. LOW IQ.

It's just astonishing that not one health official has come out to say how long Monkeypox stays in the environment. Before the US went on it's  Eugenics fueled "only the fit shall live" the government had very specific rules for dealing with clothing and anything the infected touched. 

There is even an old timey article where they were moving the grave of someone who had been infected with a pox decades before, and the grave diggers came up sick. I will try to find it. People have no idea what they are effing with.

There is a flight attendant RIGHT NOW isolating in a hotel room I think in New York  Fort Lauderdale. Will have to watch the video again. And the only thing I could think was.. what are they going to do with that hotel after he is better? Are they going to burn it, or what?


  1. IQ is a component of course, but means nothing. Whatever Trump's deficiencies were, we were better off under 'orange man bad.' I have no respect for those with a university education voting for a pedophile who said he wants to destroy the fossil fuel industry and at this point has saddled the working class and poor with more taxes, a lower standard of living, is giving resources and technology to China, and too many other things to list and that's just what we know about.

    I really don't have sympathy for gays who go to orgies and then cry because they got monkey pox. They want the government to bail them out for that one to.

  2. I think everyone should thank their lucky stars it started in gays. Over the past decades they are ~generally~ very health conscience because they have lived through the AIDS crisis. I would say more so than the general population. They have been doing a good job trying to get ~their~ community vaccinated and have even started canceling events. They are trying to be good citizens. They certainly seem more aware than most people. I mean.... 70% of the population is not vaccinated.