Tuesday, August 04, 2015

There ain't no sunshine until he's gone.

I've been a pretty bad blogger lately. Some weeks it's just harder to embrace the suck than others. It's a pretty bad sign when pretty much everyone else is more negative about the world than I am.

I mean, this is a slow motion train wreck finally seems to be at our doorstep. I keep having to remind myself that deflation is a very rare occurrence. It's not that great that I will get to experience this twice in my lifetime - because normally that is a once in a lifetime event. We used to be able to hold up the whole world because we rejected socialism.  I only wish more people understood that.

This morning I found interest rates at 3.67% when just a little more than two months ago everyone was crowing about how the deflation trade was unwinding. They told us the "reflation hammer" was coming down with crushing force. No really. At that time you almost couldn't find an interest rate below 4%.

I've probably said about a hundred times that 4.25% is the pain inflection point and every single time it hits that - rates cave. Every - single - time.


  1. Yeah I just don't know anymore. I've been thinking the fall was any moment now for the last five years. I never knew how corrupt the country was that I'm not sure they won't just keep printing. But maybe shemitah is something. Who not elite knows anymore?

  2. I have to admit - I'd never heard the word shemitah. And I'm not especially superstitious, but it isn't lost on me that the last two major recessions were about seven years apart. 2000, and 2007.

    I personally think there is a really good chance they will print. Oddly, I also think there is good chance they will try to raise one time before they realize they need to print. Two weeks ago I thought there was an 80% chance they would raise, but China caved much more
    quickly than I thought. Even though the average Chinese stock was only being held for one week, you just never know how long that can go on. Sometimes it seems forever. Sometimes - poof. Those waves of ick just haven't hit us yet. All I know is when the real estate market was down by 40%, I prayed for growth anywhere. The only places I saw it was in China and Texas. Even I thought maybe I should accept the mosquito's and move back to Texas. Tons and tons of people moved from Ca to Tx. I started to get envious. I'm pretty used to everyone moving from other places to Silicon Valley. It's always been where the jobs were. To see that reversed was a gut check. Now both China and oil are completely caved. Commodities tell the near future.

    I guess for me, I'm not that surprised at the corruption, what really bothers me is how many people are okay with the corruption because they get some kind of benefit. I've never known a time when we didn't hate our politicians, and this whole lovefest now is the creepiest thing ever. It really is a terrifying element I never expected before. I knew people pretty much blow with the wind, but I never expected them to accept basically socialism to the degree they have.

    Sadly, sometimes I think politicians are only as corrupt as the people they lead. Or else we would kick them out.

  3. Well I'd think little of it other than the important people seem to think it matters and what they think matters seems to go. If you like that shemitah stuff, this isn't only a shemitah year, but a jubilee year. the seventh of the seven year cycles, so it's a big deal coming up.

    Nothing is up. It feels hopeless. The travesty is it seems to me that it should be very easy to start manufacturing anything here in the U.S. But at the same time it is so difficult to start anything of consequence here.

    "The truth is this: The march of Providence is so slow and our desires so impatient; the work of progress is so immense and our means of aiding it so feeble; the life of humanity is so long, that of the individual so brief, that we often see only the ebb of the advancing wave and are thus discouraged. It is history that teaches us to hope." — Robert E. Lee

    It is mind boggling to me how separated and how unproductive this has made the country. In my infancy in politics I was a republican, just on my morals alone, unthinking of anything else. I slowly became disenfranchised and moved to conservative. Realizing there were none, I moved to libertarianism. As I've went down the rabbit hole of the corruption and history i can't help but think national socialism may be the only real way forward. Mainly because there wouldn't be competing interests. Democracy seems foolish with diversity. A decade ago I'd never thought I would be worried about my country becoming the next Brazil. I'd scoff and likely make fun of someone that thought George Rockwell (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FaCHBmGWcBc) was good, but now my hopelessness with our politicians makes me identify heartily with him. The government keeps allowing more people in when the labor force participation rate is the worst i've ever known. I loathe them.

    So many western countries are doing such idiotic stuff that i can't help but know this is purposefully meant to be negative actions. You can't mess up multiple countries this bad on accident doing the same thing. I even live in rural midwest, i have no idea how pissed i'd be if I lived in a liberal state like California.

    **Don't get me wrong, I have no problem with other races, I just think other races have different culture and will eliminate America the culture and I think the tipping point is pretty soon. Look at what muslims do in European cities as an example.

  4. I hope you feel that socialism is inevitable rather than desirable. I'm guessing it's the first one since I doubt someone who felt the second way would be interested in my blog at all. Even to hate read. I mean, I hate read all the time. You have to know what your enemies are up to. But I would never comment on their blog.

    Anyway.... I'd be lying to say I didn't spend more than half of my time scared to death you might be right. A lot of us are looking at the world and wondering if we are going to make it out of this okay. Right? Though I still hold the tiniest sliver of hope because I started from the other direction. Yet I'm close to the same trajectory as you. My family was as close to socialist as you can get. Even though I'm sure they don't even know what that means. I am a direct product of the welfare State. A handful of years ago my Aunt said President Money bags should be in office "for as long as it takes". It wasn't until I got in my 20's and got a really good job that I suddenly became more conservative. Then when I met my husband he started pointing out all the socialist groups who were in the protests on the local news. At the time I remember thinking - wait... what?! As soon as I started paying attention to the signs they were carrying I was like - SOB look at that. I've never noticed that before.

    So generally I think it's easy to push socialism on people who don't really even understand what it is or how ruinous it is. Or even how embedded it is into society. I was that person early on. Even before this admin I'd go to Berkeley and think I hope this doesn't catch on too much.

    I think the real problem is that things have been good (in relative terms) for a generation. It used to be that immigrants had a very clear vision of what they were running from. When I was growing up they where all running from Venezuela's. Where clearly they all get socialism now. A few days ago I read my first article from a pregnant woman who had voted for the socialist regime. I usually read this articles with a cold steely heart because that country was split 49/51%. They chose that. Nothing to do with me. But this woman said she regretted her vote. In my head I was like.... okay. We are going to be okay. The world still does work they way I think it does. Because it doesn't matter to me what people say mostly. It matters to me what people do. As the economy degrades and the effects of soft socialism become hard socialism their behavior's will change. You can not underestimate the effects of suffering. No matter what they say. Before the recession even I used to think - ya know, things are pretty good everywhere. What is going to make people want to move to the US? We aren't having enough babies to keep us from a Japan style demographic problem. And then bam. The recession hit.

    For a while the only shitty countries where in the Middle East. So naturally we got a lot of them. But now lots of European countries are torched and we will eventually get more of them once the economy turns around and prosperity returns. And I think it will because all I've ever known about people is they want to make a better life for themselves if they can - but definitely for their children. Either the whole time I've been alive is an anomaly - or this is the anomaly. I'm betting this is the anomaly. But honestly most days I think I could be wrong. I constantly look for signs the world works the way I think it does. Those small glimmers of hope.

    "So many western countries are doing such idiotic stuff that i can't help but know this is purposefully meant to be negative actions. You can't mess up multiple countries this bad on accident doing the same thing. I even live in rural Midwest, i have no idea how pissed I'd be if I lived in a liberal state like California."

  5. Oh, it's no accident. This admin is too smart and calculating. I guess in a year and a half we get to see if this country really changed, or they were just playing rabbit. After all, when you struggle in quicksand it just gobbles you up quicker. So your impulse is to go limp and stop resisting. Though I'm not confident which way it will go. I only hope that human nature is wins.

  6. I don't "hate read" this blog, I genuinely enjoy it. As far as my ideal preferences go I don't like socialism. This just seems like we are reaching that historic point in civilization collapse that you either have to make a dramatic hard change or surely regress to a negative previous level, like the fall of Rome.

    tl:dr version of what I'm saying is the culture of what made America truly great possible with whites as a minority. I'm saying no since history points to no.

    I think the socialism the left normally pushes is really more in line with communism, as that is historically Jewish. So when I say national socialism I mean more along the lines of what happened in Europe, like Nazism. There are a lot of groups, and they are fighting for political power. Hispanics are forcing blacks out of their areas, like compton for example is now a hispanic city, while blacks have forced whites out of cities into suburbs. The La Raza take over of southwest United States and I'm sure its a matter of only years before a bigger Islam push like in Europe.

    The question that needs to be raised and is not allowed to happen, is why do white people tolerate so many immigrants at this point? Not allowing something like national socialism will result in one of two things: something very similar to Brazil, high crime and insanely corrupt politics, or something similar to what happened to Haiti/Zimbabwe, where all the whites are culled. Is this what white people want? It seems to be what Jews want, as their people have advocated for multiculturalism in Europe and North America (white countries) for a century. You let other people have their way they will have their way. You let enough people have their way and you won't have your way.

    The only people that can make a country with American culture are white people. People from Latin America, Middle East, Africa, and Asia simply don't want it or they'd be doing that in their countries already. Don't get me wrong, what happens to the races is irrelevant to my personal life. I probably won't see much change in actual numbers, but hispanics may become dominant race in America in my lifetime. It's more of a is this a long term goal to get rid of white people thing since there is no or an inconsequential amount of heavily white countries anymore?

    I feel this is ridiculous to have to say, I don't want physically harmful things to happen to anyone, except criminals, but I just want demographics to be better for the race of my heritage and culture for my future lineage. I do truly believe the white race is the only race that empathizes for other races. It used to be pretty safe in America, but now cities are dangerous, suburbs are starting to be dangerous... in Latin America rural areas can be pretty dangerous. I mean you don't want to be an advacado farmer in mexico, cause you are forced to work for the drug cartels now. I don't want my heritage to be Neanderthals and I'll be honest, it could be hyperbole but i don't like current trends.