Thursday, August 27, 2015

At least those trees will stop hogging all the water.

A few days ago I noticed the city landscaping crew had started painting the tree stumps of trees they'd pulled out from the drought this summer. I figured it was to make it so the lawn mowing guys didn't accidentally run over them while they were mowing which would be a bummer. But then I noticed all these other trees marked with an orange line and realized these were mean to go.

Everything looks pretty brown these days, so I wouldn't have noticed this driving by if it weren't for the lines.

Pine tree's have fared especially bad. And as you can see, some of them are so large that I couldn't give them a full hug if I were a tree hugger - which I'm not.

Some they haven't even marked yet. You can see from the park, it isn't that big and doesn't have that many trees. I would have guestimated about 50. But I didn't count every one, so lets be generous and say 100.

13 trees were marked for elimination. That's like 13%. Can you imagine if we lose 13% of our trees? I think they've been mismanaging out forests for a long time now. They used to go in and clean them out and sell the lumber. Now everything has to be a pristine forest and then eventually the fires come and just burn them down. Then nobody wins. But it makes the douchies feel great about themselves.

All I know is that this year if we get any storms with rain ~and~ wind, you are going to start hearing some crazy damage out of California. Last winter we got a little rain, but it never came with any wind really. Now there are all these trees that are pretty weak. I know one house that has two giant trees that are now dead and they haven't pulled them yet. It's going to be a nice little Christmas bill for them I bet. Pulling a 50 foot tree can cost you a few bucks. Times 2.

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