Thursday, August 31, 2006

I am a horrible evil person... and I am going to hell for sure.

Little background. My husband and I had to sell our old house because we had some troublesome neighbors. We worked our asses off to move, and get away from them. Because of the housing market at the time, we had to make sure the house had as few flaws as possible. So we had a lot of work done. Because we were just done and wanted to move.

One of those things was taking out single pane windows and putting in double pane.

Most people don't want to pay to have that done, and people scrunch their noses at houses that have old windows. Because honestly it gets pretty hot here. I called a bunch of contractors and got a bunch of bids. We wound up going with the largest company in our town. We figured...hopefully it would be the least hassle. They were huge after all. I told the company up front. I have to have a permit. I am selling this house. Like 10 times I said it. Over and over.

The guy comes out, and says there is going to be a 24 hour delay with the permit. I was okay with that until my roofer came out. Who I kind of had a history with on previous jobs. He told me to get on the ass of the window guys, because to start the job, they had to have the permit posted. So I did.

Turns out the company had let their license lapse. But on the contractor website it showed it was valid. I think he was late one or two days. He said he had paid and was just waiting for them to record it.

Did I mention they were the largest company in our town? Oh yeah.. I did.

From other contractors who I really trust, it happens somewhat often.

The payment to renew his license wasn't suppose to be recorded apparently for like 5-7 days. My windows were going to take 3 days, and I knew they would have no motivation to get the permit after the job was done. So.. I turned out having to get hissabitchy. But it wasn't like I didn't tell them a half a million times I needed a permit.

Also, they tried to convince me I had dry-rot when in fact I didn't.

Snap to today. I have a crappy back, and it is a chronic thing, so I don't really baby it. I just go to the chiropractor all the time. This guy comes in at the same time I did, and was looking at me. He looked familiar... but even though the old house was only 6 months ago... it is a million years in time for me.

It was like a million projects ago, so I really didn't know who the guy was. He outed himself to me. Asked how the windows were.. which immediately made my eyebrows narrow. Instead of being a bitch, I simply told him we moved from that house, and didn't say what I wanted to. Which was " I'd never use your f-ing company again".

So I am sitting there waiting for my "adjustment" and I could hear everything the guy was saying to my chiro who I have known for like 6 years. He wasn't being discrete or anything! And he was shaping up to be a whiney little bitch. Very loudly he was announcing that he was doing "clensings" and was describing the consistency of his bowels.

I couldn't f-ing believe it! He was practically crying about how he couldn't sleep.

At that very moment I went to hell. Because normally I don't wish pain on anyone.. no matter what kind of an asshole they are. But my first thought was "good, this guy deserves it".

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