Saturday, August 26, 2006

CNET'S top 5 worst tech : Themselves.

Okay... correct me if I am wrong. CNET reviews technology.... right? Because from their little TIVO "CNET tips for Digital Living" series, you really wouldn't be able to tell. Inexplicably they are completely unable to moderate their sound. From trade-shows where the "executive editor" refuses to hold a microphone, and is drowned out by the trade-show noise. (wait, let me turn the sound up so I can hear what they are saying) to a transition to host Molly Wood. (Holy shit! now I have to turn it down because it is 10 decibels higher.) Back to the office, where again, the "executive editor" is much lower and muffled because techies are not hosts, and don't know how to either emote or enunciate properly. Did I mention everyone is an "executive editor"? Every episode is like this. It's like playing volume ping-pong.

I'm sort of just sport bitching here because I could choose not to watch them, but I have a business need to watch the advertising on Tivo. I'm not going to explain what it is.

So my husband decides to email CNET, because frankly we can't figure out why an entity that is in the business of reviewing technology can't figure out such a really basic issue.

Despite CNET saying they wanted our tips and feedback, he couldn't easily find just an email address. Instead he gets a feedback "form". And certainly nothing that allows you to comment about the Tivo Digital Living Series. Even if you search on their site for anything Tivo, it only allows you to give reviews for the tivo boxes themselves, not their show on Tivo.

At any rate.. back to the form. After filling out the form he gets some such error, and then the form clears itself. So you can't even fix the error, and re-submit. You have to re-type everything in again. After trying to submit the feedback form both from explorer and Mozilla it becomes clear that will not let him use the form because of his security software not allowing a trackback.

Okay... are they kidding me?

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