Monday, July 10, 2006

Another reason to stay in school.

I don't sell insurance. I don't care who you get your insurance through, but if you have Farmers, you might as well get a discount.

After adding a car recently, and paying the insurance premium - I get a call from our agent. The addition apparently triggered them to look at how this car is getting paid for. It turns out Farmers Insurance thinks you got all that binge drinking done in college. If you have one of these,

From Colorado springs:
"Firefighters, Police & Law Enforcement Officers, Physicians, Surgeons, Pharmacists, Registered Nurse, Teachers, Engineers, and certain other college degrees."

you qualify for a professional discount.

This seems to be a little known discount. I will not send you to the Farmers site, because I basically gave up trying to find information about it there.

We'd been with Farmers for a few years, and had never heard such a thing. So I poked around the web to see if it was just my town, or state. Despite running across this article from 2004, I was able to find very few links which mention it for obvious reasons. I'm not sure whether to praise my agent, or stick him into the witness relocation program.

Why even give a discount if they dont want you to know about it?

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