Thursday, July 20, 2006

Have people lost all modesty?

Okay.... so .... I am picking up sandwiches last week from Togo's.

Even though I can go straight to the pick-up line, the place is packed, and I decide to wait in line.

In walks a woman... who is obviously pregnant. Not the "oh when is your baby due - I'm just fat" kind of pregnant. The "shouldn't you be calling an ambulance, you're gonna pop any day now, um... I think I see the baby's head!" pregnant. Obviously very late in the stage. Absolutely no mistake pregnant.

She is wearing daisy-dukes, and a little muscle beater type t-shirt. With her stomach fully exposed. Not "my stomach is poking out". Rather - bottom of the boob to just above the pleasure patch exposed.

Think a Jessica Simpson/Dukes of Hazard amount of clothing. Okay... it could be okay right? But she is the type of girl that even in her non pregnant stage, you would look at her and go "oh girl, I'm surprised you're trying to pull that off". The kind of girl who normally has a full muffin top - bulging out of her pants. Who on retrospect might have given the "what are you looking at bitch" head snap. But that isn't the crazy part. This is California after all... we get used to people "keepin it real".

This woman...... has SAVAGE stretch marks. Not the "wow, you have some really bad stretch marks" kind. The holy shit, "you really got the genetics shaft, nothing is going to fix that" - "Did you get mauled by a bear", kind of stretch marks. I've seen burn victims with less damage. Who also by the way, would have elicited less interest.

So I look around.. and everyone who has noticed her is trying desperately not to look at her. Myself included. Everyone is trying to be respectful, and act nonchalant. But an obvious reaction is being made... followed by an obvious attempt at not having a reaction.

This woman, of course, does not notice the room wide uncomfortable-ness. Or perhaps just doesn't care..

Now don't get me wrong... I love looking at bodies. But what happened to the generation where people actually tried to minimize their flaws. Everyone doesn't have to look beautiful, but at least a general attempt at decorum should be made. Is that too much to ask?

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  1. Lol!

    I cruised over here from Casey Fiano's and CGV. Very funny man, and so true!

    Keep up the humor.