Thursday, August 26, 2004

Update on Robomower

The mower is in the shop. It has been three days, and who knows how long it will be in. Maybe Monday I will call them and see if they have even figured out the problem, and have begun to order parts. I am already setting my expectations low, and saying it will be in the shop longer than we owned it. (3 weeks) If you have rock bottom expectations sometimes you come out pleasantly surprised. Kind of like going to see a movie you just know is going to be crap.

Amazon on the other hand gets credit for stepping up to the plate and at least attempting to make us happy. Where Friendly Robotics gave us the big screw you. Amazon at least offered to credit our account $120.00. We could have gotten all hissabitchy and made Amazon take it back, but frankly it wasn't Amazons fault. The fact they have to eat the money they are returning us makes me even less impressed with Friendly Robotics. I know it is "just business" and all, but I would think you would want to make early adopters like us happy. While not pissing off your vendors. Now we get to see how many weeks we need to pay a gardener.

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