Wednesday, August 25, 2004

You Want To Do What? Part 1.

Last night I developed a tick. You know... one of those subconscious facial things people do when they are stressed. Right after my husband said "ya know.... what do you think about doing this.......". While I am long past being stressed about the bathroom remodel (we are in the home stretch after all) that same sentence has been said in our house over this one project zillions of times for the past six months. You think I am joking. Just wait. This hasn't been an easy project.

It all started out with these tiles.

We knew from the very beginning that we had some issues. For one thing, the tiles were a vastly different thickness.

But I loved the glow tiles. There wasn't any dispute between us. He liked them too, but dismissed the idea as crazy. All of a sudden I felt like Cartman on South Park. "But maaaaa, I want a traperkeeper 2000'. We spent the next two hours in the store. Although we both have a very short tolerance for shopping, we both know better to leave the store with something unless we have an plan. How were we going to incorporate these tiles that wont look to overdone, and still be on the funky side.

I was leaning towards a metal accent:

He was leaning towards having an accent that ties into the floor tile:

Or do we just want to put some subtle lines:

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