Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Nothing truly matters.

Because it's totally normal for companies to do this to their inventory.  I used to think eventually these corrupt companies would be taken out to the woodshed. But, cars are just the front for them siphoning off government largess. 

Not a single car has moved from this lot in months. They look like they have covers on them, but it's just dirt. Weeds are growing in between as you can see above.


  1. Meanwhile other car manufacturers are having to shut down production lines for lack of parts. Gotta luv it.

    BTW, I enjoy the various art photos, I'm just to lazy to comment on them all!

  2. Thank you Baby. I like it better this way. More genuine. I'm not the kind of girl that likes a lot of attention anyway. Too much attention makes me feel uncomfortable. And I'm not doing it for the likes. I'm just trying to entertain people with the things that entertain me.