Saturday, August 07, 2021

Toe jam is his jam.


  1. That is different!
    Speaking of different how is your tree growing/watering neighbor doing?

  2. LOL. I appreciate his honesty.

    Those palms are amazingly resilient. But that girl was STILL sending 12 to 20 hours of water over my property until the 10th of last month. I only remember because it was the day I got back from my trip, and she watered that day.

    I decided to enjoy the free water. Especially since the drought is getting super dire right now. She was keeping a shrub and a tree well watered plus some decorative grass.

    I am probably more agitated right now because the last time I talked about it on the blog I had started looking at property. ONE year ago you could get 80 acres in a city next to me for 800k. It was all hillside, but still. Now everyone has bid up the prices by 20%. Now I have to wait for prices to correct. It's pretty common for houses to go 200k over asking. This has been happening for months. And it's super bothersome.

    So, I feel extra shitty about the world because I feel stuck.

    My neighbor must have all of a sudden become NOT immune to the price of water because she abruptly stopped and those palms are just barely hanging on. But it is all interesting to watch. I don't think the husband has worked since the pandemic started. And I think they are living off of stimmy's.

    I also feel like no one ~really~ gives a shit about the drought. She can't be unique - right? I'm not even one of those people who is water nark-ey. I have lawns and a garden. But that girl - wow. My bill last month was 200 bucks!