Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Am I going to have to wear a patch to get through this sector?

Now that Oculus is shipping you are probably going to see me write a lot more about this sector. There are a lot of sectors I sit out because I think they are stupid. Not this one. I love gaming.

There is a small catch though. I get motion sickness from Oculus. And I'm trying to figure out a work around because it's literally the only place I experience this. Hell, I get a little queasy just thinking about going to the confs with VR in them.

It will be interesting to see how this shakes out because I'm apparently not the only one. I think that is part of the reason 3D didn't take off. Some people got queasy. I didn't, but Mr S. did. The glasses were the other reason. And now that I think about it - I still win in regards to my premise that people just don't like to wear glasses. When Google glass came out I looked crazy, but it still seems to hold that people don't really like wearing glasses. We will see how that feathers out to VR glasses.


  1. I don't know, VR has fad written all over it. I'll wait to make up my mind when I see it in action, but wouldn't be surprised if it's the hula hoop of this generation. Something has to replace the hover boards after all. DF

  2. But hula hoops still exist.....just ask Burning Man. I think that is where the bulk of them are sold now. That fad hasn't died yet.

  3. Try those things they give to people on cruise boats who get sick. May help.

  4. What, what is it? Pills, patches, voodoo? I went on a cruise once. Never got sick. That's why it's so weird I'm affected. I have a iron stomach. My googlefoo just found ways to avoid sea sickeness on a cruise.

  5. Something they stick behind the ear. I've heard people say that it has almost immediate effect.

    That does seem odd. Maybe your body is just rejecting vr cause it loves life?