Monday, March 14, 2016

Dear birds - quit trying to commit suicide.

There is something about my house that causes birds to run into the windows on the backside of the house will some regularity. Here. I used to get somewhat panicked because I don't want the little critters to suffer. I don't know if I should take them to a vet, or put the little buggers out of their misery. But other than rolling them over and making sure they are out of the sun - I basically opt for natures way.

Normally I get the perfect imprint of their face hitting the window. But today was pretty spectacular. Legs outstretched. It looks like a frog hit it! You can see it's feet perfectly. I thought he was a gonner for sure this time. But I rolled him over, and after a few times of checking on him he freaked enough to fly a couple of feet. He's still out there right now sleeping of his window hangover.

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