Monday, July 13, 2015

Facebook is a huge time saver.

This weekend Mr S. and I found ourselves at a car get together. Often times we split up because I find a car I'm fixated on and want to get tons of pictures of.

It was during one of these times that a woman walks up to me and asks if I was taking pictures of something on a particular car. I don't even want to say what it is because if she ever runs across this post, she will know this is about her. I mean, she probably wont - but the internet makes the world, and especially "The Valley", uncomfortably small these days. I have had random people find a post where I talked about them. And I didn't even know those people. It took several years, but still. And this blog is super anonymised.

Anyway.... she tells me she just started a new female car club. Which I found kinda interesting honestly. I mean, what do car girls talk about? Do they work on them? Do they race? I'm curious. I've never heard of such a thing before. I figure it's just a social club so they can bitch about their husbands. But I get her info and look at it later that night.

Right off - I'm out. Don't care how much into cars she is. She studied Global Environmental Policy and then got a union job in that field -ish. I figure those conversations are going to go downhill really quickly.  I'd have to listen to her tell me about the dying planet and how everything is killing us. Which honestly is what most women talk about these days anyway. This is California. I find it pretty boring. I can only take knowing so many people who think their deodorant is killing them. They all know this planet is going to burn out one day. Right? You know what men use for deodorant? Motor oil. Okay... maybe I'm being a little dramatic. But you get the idea.

It's just that women don't take being challenged as well as men. I grew up around all women, but I've really grown to love the simplicity of men. If you ask them what they are thinking and they reply nothing - they really mean nothing. Seriously. I imagine they hear nothing but white noise. It's the greatest thing ever. Men are more efficient in the way they think. There is no white noise in a woman head. None. Especially if you tell a girl the planet is fine after she actually got an education saying it isn't. I don't even know what kind of bullshit degree that is, but a lot of people seem to be getting them.

In the old days you'd have to see this girl socially a few times before you found out that crap. Now you can just look at people's pages and say...... nope. I'm out. I think I've finally started to love facebook.

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