Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Maker Faire 2012 - Part 1.

When I first got to Maker Faire on Sunday, I immediately started to melt down. The first two buildings I went into - I wasn't sure if I was at Maker Faire, or a County Fair. And I'd already waded through a sea of Prius's with Obama stickers telling me to Coexist.

There were booths teaching kids how to make fire survivor style.

There were booths teaching you how to raise chickens. Despite numerous city codes telling you that this isn't allowed.

They had tiny houses. Which I don't understand the appeal of. It's like no one has ever seen the inside of a camper. I guess those are city dwellers for ya. Maybe the shed exterior confused them into thinking it was something else. It's just a camper that looks like a shed!

They were popping popcorn with the sun. Which takes a lot longer than you would expect.

Oh, and then they had the lock picking booth.

Now, what I know about lock picking is really stale at this point - but I used to have a very good locksmith friend until he found a girlfriend.. And there were tons of rules about this kind of behaviour.

Not to mention, if there is anything young boys come standard with - it's knowing how to set fire and break into things. And besides, who picks locks anymore? You just run down to the hardware store and buy a lock cutter. Problem solved.

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