Wednesday, December 01, 2021

Come on - enjoy the decline People.

I haven't really talked much about Biden because I think this is the economy most people wanted, or were too lazy to defend. It's always a lot of fun watching him say he's going to fix things the he himself caused. 

Our supply chain problems are a direct result of his policies. Pushing taxes for "climate-ey change" things causes companies to go overseas where they don't get punished as much.

I don't care about 5 dollar gas or more. This is what people wanted.

I personally don't believe that the election was stolen from Trump. Even though I do believe there was a ~lot~ of voter fraud. If I was running for office and I thought I lost that way - I would run solely on election integrity the next time. I think at best it was a draw. And I think that January 6th thing is a whole lot of bullshit. I think republicans are so desperate for someone to fight for them they rally around the oddest people. Like schizophrenic jesus.

Mostly I think conservatives talk a bunch of shit and then never vote.

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