Monday, October 18, 2021

Let's play - what is living at my house now.

Every once in a while it gets a little Mutual of Omaha at the Snarkolepsy residence.

One time, it was a cat living in the crawlspace. You could hear it meow-ing from inside the house. I will try to find the link-back.

Then, I was trying to catch mice in the garage and wound up with an opossum on a sticky trap. He eventually freed himself. Thank goodness. I wasn't going to do that! 

Now........ drum roll....

I decided to grow those cucumbers that come in plastic at the store. They seem to be very finicky for my climate and I only had ONE and I was waiting for my tomatoes to sync up so I could make bruschetta. This thing was completely overdeveloped. It was a foot long and maybe a couple of inches around.

Last week I woke up and it just vanished and I'm trying to figure out if a raccoon just rolled up and put it under it's arm and walked off. I mean, it was sooooo big! What animal does that? No pieces anywhere.

I'm still bitter about it. Next season I need a trailcam. Because it would have been really interesting to see how they absconded with an item so big.


  1. If it makes you feel better, at that size it was probly also very tough textured to try to eat. So you probly wouldn't have enjoyed it as much as you'd hoped.

    Also, I had a coyote steal a cantaloupe, so....could be anything!

  2. Maybe it was a pack of raccoons? Mrs Snarkolepsy and the Raccoons of Silicon Valley? What ever it was, it is still out there. Are you really going to wait 11 months to find out what it is?

  3. Very funny comments. I read them last night but was too tired to reply. Coyote's stealing cantaloupe's is just funny.

    Since it was the ONLY one that developed I would have taken the rough texture. That breed is surprisingly finicky. All of them bud dropped but that one. I mainly use cucumber for filler when I don't have enough tomatoes for bruschetta. So, I bake it anyway.

    Jeff - your comment is just brilliant. It ~is~ still out there. And I'm already a little freaked about going into the yard at night because I have dog size opossums living at my place.

    I thought about it being a pack of raccoons, but I would still love to have seen the teamwork that entailed.

    You're right. I should think about just getting a trail cam now.