Monday, March 01, 2021

Maybe I have achieved singularity.

I say this tongue in cheek because I think most of the hysteria about this is overblown. And yes - I have seen people with antennas implanted in their heads. Don't @ me.

I've been playing in VR for a couple of days now and my opinions have shifted ~slightly~.  The screen door affect is greatly improved with the higher resolution headsets. I really don't notice it anymore.

However...... motion sickness is still a thing. It been an interesting test study in the Snarkolepsy household this weekend. Mr S. is prone to motion sickness. I am not. I can count on one hand how many times I've thrown up in my whole life. I generally have a stomach of steel.

I have been in the headsets more recently and more often than he has in the past few years and have experienced motion sickness from time to time. I can't really figure out what triggers it. Sometimes I'm fine, others not. So far though, he hasn't experienced any motion sickness.

Since I'd only spent five minutes at a time in VR previously, I thought that it was just my physiology, but going through youtube, it obviously is not. Almost everyone talks about motion sickness to some degree.

We started out downloading DOOM VFR. Don't do that. It's s super crappy title in VR by all accounts. It doesn't translate well. But also - it gave me significant motion sickness which surprised me. It was bad enough I wondered if I was coming down sick. It wasn't until I went to the bathroom and noticed the floor was spinning like when you drink too much that I calmed down a bit. Once my brain saw the straight lines I started to feel better. But it gets a little .....weirder.

The way you move around in VR isn't always intuitive. So you are going to have watch some youtube videos. But when we did that, the television displaying VR was also giving me motion sickness. Which is fascinating because I have NEVER gotten motion sickness from TV.  We think it's because of muscle memory because I'd already been in the headset.

After we realized that DOOM is just a crappy title we downloaded Half Life:ALYX, and that was ~much~ better. But I'm still getting motion sickness to some degree just even watching youtube videos on TV. Now I think my brain is slightly broken.  I feel a little floaty like I'm still in the headset. Maybe I can't tell where the game ends and real life begins. Said in the most sarcastic way.

As it turns out - it's good I'm having problems because Mr S. is developing in this platform and obviously motion sickness is a very big deal. But wow. I can certainly see why it's adoption rate is what it is.

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