Friday, March 26, 2021

I'm pretty amazing in a crisis..... but afterwards I sort of fall apart. I was out all last year experiencing everyones fears and now I'm just sort of all used up.

No one was there in the housing crisis because none of us had ever seen that before, but I wanted to try and be a form of stability for people this time around.

I just need some time. Especially because IMO this isn't over by a long shot. This blog takes a lot of energy (as meager as it is), and I just don't have it right now.


  1. January is my slow season at work, and I usually end up working 1 day a week. Which is fine, I use it as my time to catch up on projects at home. But this year? This year I slept, and zoned and did nothing. I didn't do ANYTHING. I think it was mid-Feb when I realized just how brain dead I'd been feeling. Talk about mental and emotional drain!

  2. Snark, Here is a forecast of the "Social Credit System" for you to enjoy. Has bunnies.


    PS: Lumber is high here also