Wednesday, December 18, 2019

I have to take a beat. Then I'll circle back.

December is the worst time for this blog. I just have to regroup and take a couple of weeks where I don't have to think - how am I going to turn this into a story? Or more importantly - how am I going to get these words out of my head! You try being interesting every single day. By the end of the year it's huge grind and I start wondering why I even do this. And how I'm going to make things more interesting next year.

I do appreciate the people who manage to hold on. Although I'm not sure why you do.

Then it's back on the treadmill in January. Which is potentially shaping up to be interesting. But I can't plug anything because the minute I do, everything falls apart. And it doesn't involve CES. I'm hot on a different sector this year.


  1. Blog because it's fun! Merry Christmas!

  2. Sometimes blogging is fairly easy. Other times it's like rolling a boulder uphill. But at the end of the year, it feels like everything is like rolling a boulder up hill. Merry Christmas to you to Rob.

  3. A moment of music for the soon-to-be-missing Snarkie ...

    Not my favorite song of his, but it's a good one.

    Also, try some rain music from early in the 2000s instead of early in the 1970s. :-)

    They're hit or miss with my ears, but when they're a hit, they're great.

    This isn't really like a Christmas song except perhaps with a Meeting The Wizard kind of vibe.

    If I weren't already committed to being semi-local for a while, I'd be hugely tempted to go wandering around places that would take me through there ...

    For me Christmas really sucks: it's coming up on the N-th anniversary of a certain person going away abruptly, as in one of those N values that people tend to notice because it's divisible by the number of fingers on your hand.

    My scumbag relatives used to make Christmas suck even worse.

    So yeah, it'd be really good to be anywhere but here.

    I totally get the "ah, fuck it" vibe around now, BTW.

    This is not my one left-over car, and this is not my one left-over apartment! :-)

    But one thing stands out ...

    "You try being interesting every single day."

    I'm not interesting because I do interesting things or show little baubles of interesting stuff.

    That's one thing I learned early.

    It's actually a total life approach: I'm perceived to be interesting because I'm doing stuff that nobody would have thought of doing, even if it's relatively mundane stuff.

    I went into a hardware store this past week and needed help finding something I didn't even know if they would have in stock. When the Helpful Hardware Person(tm) tried to help me with the application, I told him exactly what I was going to do with this collection of seemingly mundane objects I needed.

    His reaction: that's very interesting, and you're doing what with it again?

    I have this one problematic suitcase which is otherwise perfect for longer-duration travels, and I just need to fix this one thing on it.

    The plastic rail (formerly a toilet plunger handle) I'm installing lets me connect all of my little Eagle Creek super lightweight travel organizer bags with locking cables or plastic wire ties so they don't "magically" fall out during an inspection.

    I've taken parts of it and made them so I can attach plastic mounting bars and stuff to allow me to fasten the bar permanently with Gorilla Glue and some glued-in larger diameter nylon screws with nylon nuts. I will then get some lightly melty plastic molding action going with a Weller Pyropen in an attempt to turn all of it into one irrevocably bonded piece.

    I did this years ago with a less dedicated solution, but I needed to use one very beefy steel bike locking cable to do this, and so it looked like there was some kind of weird wire hooking up everything (like some sort of futuristic bomb that doesn't require a ground plane, I don't know, but it got opened every time).

    So I'll be able to hook my stuff to this plastic bar with plastic wire ties, thus preventing the "magical" loss of one of my rather pricey packing bags full of rather pricey clothing. These things are slippy and slidey anyway, but you'd think that since every one of them has a lost-and-found tag on it that I'd get a few of the "magically" lost ones back.

    Don't fuck with my shit, TSA Not-Sees. :-)

    Life is an adventure where you can choose to hack your way through the parts of it that other people have made more irritating ...

  4. Yeah. I'm not interesting at all. I literally don't know why you people keep coming back. Yet I'm glad you do.

    "Life is an adventure where you can choose to hack your way through the parts of it that other people have made more irritating ..."

    It's easier sometimes than others. Sometimes it's just downright drudgery.