Sunday, August 25, 2019

Palo Alto art festival.

Today I was in Palo Alto. Mostly I'm in this for the chalk art........... and Shake Shack. Palo Alto is my closest one.

Palo Alto always feels amazing. It feels like nothing can hurt you there. I mean, the burbs aren't bad. But it feels like nothing bad ever happens in Palo Alto.

You run into the dogs of Palo Alto instagram. I mean, this dog defs has to have an insta - right? Look at that smile. This one got tired of my shit pretty quick and got nippy. But dogs will be dogs. You takes ur chances.

All of the artists were super chill about letting you take photos. I was sort of surprised.

The chalk art this year was super lean. And it was all super non controversial kinda stuff. Fish and animals.

More dogs of insta. (probably)

I have to admit - I sorta want to try these Segway skates. It's the first time I've seem them in real life.


Rob said...

Chalk on the sidewalk! I really admire talent.

she said: said...

I think I'm into it because it's the most temporary of all art.