Monday, September 08, 2008

Like living on the sun.

This is where I turn into a whiny little bitch. Fair warning.

I don't know why the lack of rain bothers me so much. Perhaps it's a deep dislike of the color brown. At any rate.. most of the summer has been tolerable because its been mild. This week - not so much. After a week of over 100 degree temps, or near, my nerves are on thin. I'm not even sure humans are suppose to exist in such a low humidity environment. It's not right. Right? They have names for those places. Deserts. Surely if I had known it wouldn't rain for 50% of the year I would have marked this place off the list of places to live.

This also made it a perfect time for a software update. Which caused me three days of dicking around trying to get my machine to not lock up. Joy!


  1. Wow, the microclimates in the bay area are always surprising. I've been in Oakland this summer and it's been dog hot. Even hotter then some of the summers that I spent in LA which is saying a lot. Finally, in the last week the heat has broken and it finally feels good again. Meanwhile it sounds like your experience has been the opposite. If you really want more rain, you should think about ditching Cali and move to Seattle or New York, they both get a lot of rain.

  2. Yeah. I saw someone do an 80 mile loop around the bay area and ran into 10 different micro climates.

    I'm not sure I want "a lot of rain". Actually - I don't think I want a lot of anything. Just an average amount. Somehow I think this winter will be above average rainfall, and I won't be able to complain.

    I've been meaning to stalk you on twitter. But I forgot all the bogus information I gave it to get an account. Sucks.

  3. I actually think that SF is about as good as weather can get. It doesn't tend to ever get too hot and it never gets freezing cold. I also liked Santa Barbara a lot, but it's always 75 - 85 and almost never changes no matter what time of the year it is.

    You could of course always set up another twitter or even better check out Friendfeed. I'm not real active on FF yet, but it's easier to track individuals because you can see their history better while Twitter is more of a real time application. I never really thought that I'd enjoy using either but have met some good friends on both services and am willing to go to them, instead of trying to stick just to my site.

    The downside of course is that Twitter competes with the blogging because things that I may have shared deeper thoughts on end up getting condensed to a sentence with a link. Still the instant interactivity can be fun and you don't get attacked as much because it's harder for people with a vested interest to find your comments whereas with my blog, I somehow manage to upset someone no matter whether I'm being positive or negative.

  4. I love the city. I lived in San Bruno for a while, and it was perfect because the fog rolled in every night. Houses aren't very affordable in the city though.

    Re: twitter - I think the problem that was pissing me off about twitter was, I couldn't follow threads. I once got twitterlanched and I couldn't make my way back to the point where my blog was even referenced. -And- I coudn't even google it. Which is a bummer because I get the impression you are letting your blog die, and you have interesting stuff to say. Maybe I'll give it another try. I don't know.

    P.S. you can't let the fanboys get to you. You choose a lot of topics that have very few balanced opinions. They bring all the fanboys out of the woodwork. You know because of Mr S.'s job, I read more than my fair share of that stuff. Just the nature of how people are these days.