Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I had to get my PT kwooozer on.

I still have stories from my weekend. I traveled a long distance in short amount of time. So, I found a lot of odd things. But, I have to get some of these car photos out.

I've had to go through quite a bit of self examination on why I keep ending up at these shows. Even more than just ending up there - it's length of time I stay. Some of the explanations include. The smell of old timey gas reminds me of childhood. It's something you don't think about too often, until you are around an old beater or classic car. There is just something about it. Mmmmm, old timey lead gas. Another explanation... the paint jobs draw me in. I'm sure there must be more to it. But, that's all I got.

Anyway.. I'm going from most interesting to least.

I found it a little odd when I rounded a corner, and found myself in a group of PT Cruisers. I don't consider them classic. Or cool like Ferrari's. But, I had to admit, they were pretty tricked out. This is the first PT Cruiser that caught my eye.

I was about to move onto another one that had a nice paint job -
when the owner of this Cruiser started motioning for me to take photos of his car. More than motioning - he down right said "you should take pictures of this one". Which I'm glad he did. I might have passed it by because I get so ADD trying to see all the stuff.

Anyway..I was happy to oblige the guy. It did have an interesting paint job. But, when I rounded the back of the car - I had to stop in my tracks. The guy had embedded a hologram in his paint job. Yes...I can easily be placated with holograms. Duh!

It was not easy to capture at all. But, you can see from this angle that glowing spot has changed colors. If I hadn't of been so tired I would have swapped lenses out and gotten a better picture.

This car I loved because it had a Fast track sensor in the window. Old meets new.

This one I loved because it had ginormous stacks.

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  1. Holy crap! like you I see a car show and stop to take pictures, unlike you I know it's because I love cars. The paint, the speed, the smell (even the smell from old interiors). They are just great old cars! Fyi I loved that last one!